Commodore's Catering Letter


May 18th, 2017

Dear  Members,

Further to my letter to all members earlier this month, the RANSA Squadron Committee wishes to set the record straight, as there are rumours, scuttlebutt and misinformation circulating about our new caterer, Adam Marshall.

Firstly, Adam is a member of RANSA, and a sailor who owns Rhythm, a navy blue 5.5 m class yacht with a navy Bear on the sail. The yacht was formerly owned by another of our members, Admiral Nigel Berlyn. Adam, and his wife Emma, raced Rhythm in division two in the recent Twilight Series.

Secondly, the Squadron and Sailing Committees have been actively looking at ways to mitigate the slow decline of sailing in general. Sailing clubs have been reporting a decline in membership and reduced overall fleet numbers and participation, which of course influences club revenue and member benefits.

Less so by RANSA, which has been able to maintain fleets, but unfortunately, we are subject to declining post-race participation by members and guests, and a lack of new entrants to the sport. This has led to decreased bar takings and is probably a reflection of our members' busy lifestyles, and not communing in a bar after sailing. 

With this in mind, we engaged Adam to provide a significantly wider choice of improved food offerings for our members. He has great experience in operating similar sailing club based venues including Flying Bear at the Sydney Flying Squadron. He also tendered for and catered for the Formal Mess Dinner last year, as well as the Prize Night this year. 

Under the supervision/approval from the Squadron Committee, Adam plans to re-clad the outside of the Whaler Bar to improve its look, and renew the doors which are in great need of renewal, substantially at his cost. These are matters that have been on our to-do list, but not yet budgeted for. The materials used will be corrugated iron (as existing) for the southern entrance passageway near the noticeboard; and for the north facing wall, wide spaced grooved shiplap (as partly existing) like that in the Whaler Bar but with wider spacing and similar to existing colour.

The temporary movable coffee cart will be replaced with a timber bench, closer to the wall. The oar lockers will be moved back to their correct positions, adjacent to the dinghies where they are used.

We expect that, apart from the improvements in our surroundings, Adam will generate significant income for RANSA, and encourage members to participate in social activities at RANSA, and to support the bar and be a catering option for venue hire. This will also encourage new members to join and become involved in sailing, and use the club socially, which are our main objectives.

The major benefits that we see for members to this arrangement are:

  • Improved food and coffee offerings to members
  • Substantial discounts to members upon production of membership card and photo ID
  • Improved atmosphere and ambiance
  • Upgraded facilities at little cost to RANSA
  • Income paid directly to RANSA, and any additional expenses paid by Adam
  • Introduction of new members to the sport of sailing and RANSA

We are anticipating the income we make from having a new caterer will offset the current decline in bar sales, and so enable us to keep membership subscriptions on hold this year. We therefore ask you to support RANSA and Adam.

If you have any questions, I would ask that you address them formally in writing to the Squadron Committee, and deliver them to the Office.

Yours in sailing





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